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Pipa Tembaga Merk Kembla

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Selamat Datang Di Website Kami PT. TIRIS GLOBAL INDONESIA Kami Menjual Sparepart AC, Chiller dan Pendingin lainnya, Copper tube, Insulation Thermaflex, Superlon, Refrigerant R22 Dupont, R134A, R404A, R410A R407C, R417A R123. Compressor Copeland, Bristol, Danfoss Maneurop, Danfoss Performer Scroll, Daikin, Sanyo, Hitachi Panasonic, Mitsubishi, dll

Detail Pipa Tembaga Merk Kembla


ASTM B280/ AS/NZS 1571 : Seamless cooper tube for Air Conditioning and refrigerant Filed Services
Standars size for Annealed Coil Cooper Tubes (15 metres/coil)
Size 1/4” (od 6,35 mm) – up to  3/4” (od 19,10 mm)
Standars size for Hard Drawn Straight Cooper Tubes (5,8 metres/length)
Size 3/8” (od 9,52 mm) – up to 4 -1/8” (od 104,80 mm)

ASTM B88 : This specification covers seamless cooper cooper water tube suitable for general plumbing, similar 
application for the conveyance of fluids and commonly used with solder, flared or compression type fitting.

Type :
* Type K : Used for water services and distribution fire protection, solar, fuel/oil, HVAC, Compressed air, Oxygen,LPG, gas, snow melting, steam and vacuum systems
* Type L : Used for interior above ground plumbing domestic water services and distribution,fire fire protection, solar, fuel/oil, HVAC, Compressed air, Oxygen, LPG gas, snow melting, steam and vacuum systems
* Type M : Used for interior above domestic water services and distribution, fire fire protection, fuel/oil, HVAC, Compressed air, snow melting, steam and vacuum systems, Wallthickness less than

type K and L
Standars size for Hard Drawn Straight Cooper Tubes (5,8 metres/length)
Size 3/8” (od 9,52 mm) – up to 4 -1/8” (od 104,80 mm)

Pre-insulated annealed copper paircoils used for general air conditioning and refrigeration installations and split system air conditioners. MM Kembla has been supplying copper products in Australia for nearly 100 years.
Backed by MM Kembla's reputation for quality, service and customer care.
Easy installation. No glue, tape or messy powder.
20m rolls of pre-insulated copper paircoils allows you to install your pipework in less than half the time of conventional methods.
UV protection.
Resistance to abrasion and wear and tear.
Can be pushed through tight spaces without being caught or torn.

Split system air conditions
All sizes suitable for R410A refrigerant
Condensation prevention

Kami TIRIS GLOBAL merupakan distributor dan supplier suku cadang pendingin yang menyediakan berbagai merk dan type kompressor ac barang-barang spare part ac serta freon dll.

Dengan Di Isi Oleh Para Profesional Handal Kami Selalu Memberikan Pelayanan Dan Penawaran Terbaik Kami, Kami Selalu Menjadi No.1 Dalam Penyediaan Kompresor Ac Yang Anda Butuhkan.

Info Produk & Order Hubungi :
 LTC Glodok Lt.2 Blok C19 No.5 Jl. Hayam wuruk 127 - Jakbar
Phone   : 021-2607 1156 // 021-6220 1432
Mobile  : 0877 2182 5252 // 0812 8692 5252 ( Call / WA )
Website :


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